Digital Video Editing, Mixing and Dubbing Service

Audio-Visual Consultants Group, Nepal meets all the global standards throughout the editing process from removing piles of unwanted footage, till the final completion of video editing. Having all expertise to modify or re-arrange segments of video, in order to produce a customized piece of video, our video editing services are highly professional.

Our state-of-the-art video editing services include linear video editing, non-linear editing system and vision mixing. The most complicated editing is smartly done by our editing experts by utilizing smart softwares and various video editing applications.


We offer exclusive video editing services with numerous supplementary features such as guaranteed video quality both in terms of sharpness and brightness of colors, most relevant and flawless removal of unwanted scenes, and lots of added special effects in video production with high-tech quality of both sound and picture.

We may also compress and convert videos for various purposes such as converting videos into flash presentations and PowerPoint, integrating them into websites, and covering extended video footage in a limited space for DVD’s and CD ROMs etc.With our vast experience in internet broadcasting and media solutions, we have been striving to enhance video images through creative applications and innovative approaches.

Service Highlights:

• Offering a full range of video editing services

• Utilizing smart software and video editing applications throughout our service areas

• High-tech quality of both sound and picture with lots of added special effects

• Enhancing video images through creative applications and innovative approaches


Komal Chandra Bhagat

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