About Director

Mr. Komal Chandra Bhagat envisioned the concept of Local Community Television for the first time in Nepal and established the local community television “Beso Channel” in 2058 B.S. He has been the creative director of the community television broadcasted as Beso Television in Chitwan. With years of experience in the sector of audio-visual, Mr. Bhagat has developed documentary films for more than 80 organizations in Nepal and abroad. He has also been serving the organizations as the ICT consultant by providing expert advice and services related to Information Communication Technology. He has also been providing the consultancy services to more than a dozen of new and running community televisions all over Nepal. Mr. Bhagat has also been the manager of ChitwanKhabar.com, the first online news portal in Chitwan.


Komal Chandra Bhagat

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